Archived Posts for: January 2011

Wedding photographers in Brighton

We are having a civil partnership in Brighton this year. We picked Brighton due to its laid-back culture and open-minded attitudes of its residents. We are planning to move there in the near future as we like it that much, plus I want to be closer to the sea.

The wedding is going to be a lavish affair and we want our special day to be perfect just like any couple. The wedding plan has all been left to me, as my fiancé is not good with planning and making decisions like this. Obviously he will give his approval before I give the final go ahead with anything. We are having matching his and his suits tailored from Savile Row. The cake has been ordered and along with the flowers. We have booked a gorgeous castle near the coast where we will have the reception. The location is to die for and really romantic.

I still need to find a wedding photographer in Brighton that does civil partnerships. I would like reportage style photography, as it looks so much better and professional. There are quite a few wedding photographers in Brighton but it’s finding someone who can really capture the mood and the emotions of the day. I’m hoping to find a wedding photographer that has a lot of experience, is really friendly and remembers that this is our wedding day and not some photo shoot.  I want everything to be perfect.

Wedding photographers in Berkshire

I’m getting married in Berkshire next month, to my childhood sweetheart James. We got together officially about a year ago. We have always lived in Berkshire, but have commuted for work to London. Berkshire seemed the perfect place to get married as we love this place so much and we both have fond memories of the place. All our families live in Berkshire or nearby, which means everyone can get to the wedding easily enough as they don’t need to travel far.

James brother Alex is a wedding photographer in Berkshire, and we asked him to take pictures of our special day. He has been a wedding photographer in Berkshire and London for over 10 years and knows his stuff. He was naturally our first choice as we can trust him and he knows what we like and don’t like. He’s really professional, he sat us down and went through all the ‘ins and outs’ and discussed what we wanted and asked us for our opinions, and then gave us a full breakdown of the costs. There were no hidden charges and he said that he only does 1 wedding a day so does not have to rush off to another venue, which I thought was nice.

We want a reportage style of photography rather than those cheesy staged pictures of the family etc. If anyone is looking for a wedding photographer in Berkshire, then we can’t recommend him enough and his prices are really reasonable.

Wedding photographers in Bath

Bath is a gorgeous little city I went their once on a day trip with some friends and I loved it. It was really posh and quaint especially all the boutique shops and the fantastic Roman architecture.

I’m hoping to get married there in the summer this year and have been sorting out my wedding list. I would like to find a wedding photographer in Bath ASAP so I can discuss my requirements. I’m having a Bollywood themed wedding so want all the glitz and glam that goes with it. I’ve never been to India but have seen films and pictures of Asian weddings and would love to have something similar. Our honeymoon has been booked and we are going to India and Nepal, it looks truly amazing – I can’t wait to go.

I have been looking online at various wedding photographers in Bath and want to find someone who is accredited and has a lot of experience of weddings.   As I want a Bollywood theme I want someone who is really creative that can create striking and elegant pictures, which we will remember for the rest of our lives and have that wow factor.

Being on a tight budget we cant afford to spend thousands on a photographer so need someone who can work with us and give us a good deal. I did not realise it would be so difficult to find a wedding photographer in Bath.