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Wedding photographers in Devon

I am due to get married this year in the summer and have been organising and planning my big day. My fiancé is a tad lazy when it comes to things like this so it’s been left to me to arrange, plus he would make it into some bachelor party I’m sure!

I still have so much to sort out, bless him he has sorted some stuff out like the catering and his own outfit. I still have to pick my dress, find a venue, make-up artist, flowers and find a wedding photographer in Devon. I’ve been looking online for various wedding photographers and would like to find someone who has experience in wedding photography that does not charge an extortionate fee, as our budget is really tight.

We have been saving for this wedding for more than two years now. We hope to spend under £10,000, as we can’t afford any more than that. The last year has been really tight as we have had to make so many cut backs and cancel our holiday plans to pay for this wedding, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I have been looking online at various wedding photographers in Devon so need to start making calls and getting quotes. I’d like pictures on a CD as well as the photographer making a book for us of our wedding. I think the book would be a lovely gift to my husband to be and really special way of remembering our wedding.

Wedding photographers in Colchester

I have been living in Colchester for over a year now, I moved here for work and I ended up meeting my fiancée here too. I proposed at Christmas and she said yes. I was so happy when she agreed to be my wife.

We have started our wedding plans and have decided to have a registry wedding at the town hall with all our family and friends present. We did not want a church wedding as neither of us is religious, so there was no point in getting married in a church. I want the whole day to be captured on tape and in pictures. I have been looking online for wedding photographers in Colchester. My fiancée has been sorting out the catering facilities. We plan to have a lavish wedding and hope to spend no more than £20,000. We would like to go on honeymoon to the Maldives for at least 15 days.

There are many wedding photographers in Colchester, but we want the best. We would like someone who will just attend our wedding on that day so we don’t feel rushed. I did not realise how stressful it would be planning a wedding. We both work full-time so have to fit everything in around our jobs. I have no ideas how to plan a wedding but my fiancée is much better at this than me and has taken it like a duck to water.

Wedding photographers in Cheshire

Cheshire has always been a favourite county of mine. Living in Manchester as a kid I remember days out with my parents in Knutsford, Altrincham and Wimslow. I just love the countryside and the traditional little English pubs.

When I decided to get married Cheshire was the first choice. I wanted a church wedding, I’m quite a traditional person so wanted a traditional English wedding in the countryside.

There are some beautiful little churches in Cheshire, perfect for a fairytale wedding. For our wedding we want everything to be sourced locally including food, drink, flowers and wedding photographer. I have managed to find a good catering company who specialise in locally sourced fruit and veg. I am hoping that I can find a fantastic wedding photographer in Cheshire too. I want someone who is accredited and has a lot of experience in weddings and parties.

I would like to use flowers from Cheshire for the wedding and have my cake made from a local baker who uses only organic ingredients. My fiancé and I live very ethical lifestyles and try to watch our carbon footprint and we hope to find local businesses that think like us. I’m not sure how photographs are produced and what is used, but I am sure there must be a wedding photographer in Cheshire that has an environmental policy.  I also want all the invitations to be made from recycled paper and need to find a local supplier and printer. There is so much to do and so little time.

Wedding photographers in Cheltenham

I’m getting married in Cheltenham next year, to my best-friends brother; a man called Joshua. We got together officially about 2 years ago. We have always lived in Cheltenham and commute for work to Birmingham.  Cheltenham seemed the perfect place to get married as we love this place so much and we both have fond memories of the place. All our families live in Cheltenham or Gloucestershire, which means everyone can get to the wedding easily enough as they don’t have to travel far.

Joshua’s brother David is a wedding photographer in Cheltenham and we asked him to take pictures of our special day. He has been a wedding photographer in Cheltenham for over 15 years and is an expert. He was naturally out first choice as we can trust him and he knows our likes and dislikes. He’s really professional in his approach. We sat down with him and went through all the ‘nitty gritty’ details and discussed what we wanted and he asked for our ideas and then gave us a full breakdown of the costs. There were no hidden charges and he said that he only does 1 wedding per day so that the client is not rushed and he can spend as much time needed and do things properly.

If anyone is searching for a wedding photographer in Cheltenham, then we can’t recommend his services enough and his prices are very affordable. Give him a call and get a quote.