Cheshire has always been a favourite county of mine. Living in Manchester as a kid I remember days out with my parents in Knutsford, Altrincham and Wimslow. I just love the countryside and the traditional little English pubs.

When I decided to get married Cheshire was the first choice. I wanted a church wedding, I’m quite a traditional person so wanted a traditional English wedding in the countryside.

There are some beautiful little churches in Cheshire, perfect for a fairytale wedding. For our wedding we want everything to be sourced locally including food, drink, flowers and wedding photographer. I have managed to find a good catering company who specialise in locally sourced fruit and veg. I am hoping that I can find a fantastic wedding photographer in Cheshire too. I want someone who is accredited and has a lot of experience in weddings and parties.

I would like to use flowers from Cheshire for the wedding and have my cake made from a local baker who uses only organic ingredients. My fiancé and I live very ethical lifestyles and try to watch our carbon footprint and we hope to find local businesses that think like us. I’m not sure how photographs are produced and what is used, but I am sure there must be a wedding photographer in Cheshire that has an environmental policy.  I also want all the invitations to be made from recycled paper and need to find a local supplier and printer. There is so much to do and so little time.