I have been living in Colchester for over a year now, I moved here for work and I ended up meeting my fiancée here too. I proposed at Christmas and she said yes. I was so happy when she agreed to be my wife.

We have started our wedding plans and have decided to have a registry wedding at the town hall with all our family and friends present. We did not want a church wedding as neither of us is religious, so there was no point in getting married in a church. I want the whole day to be captured on tape and in pictures. I have been looking online for wedding photographers in Colchester. My fiancée has been sorting out the catering facilities. We plan to have a lavish wedding and hope to spend no more than £20,000. We would like to go on honeymoon to the Maldives for at least 15 days.

There are many wedding photographers in Colchester, but we want the best. We would like someone who will just attend our wedding on that day so we don’t feel rushed. I did not realise how stressful it would be planning a wedding. We both work full-time so have to fit everything in around our jobs. I have no ideas how to plan a wedding but my fiancée is much better at this than me and has taken it like a duck to water.