I am due to get married this year in the summer and have been organising and planning my big day. My fiancé is a tad lazy when it comes to things like this so it’s been left to me to arrange, plus he would make it into some bachelor party I’m sure!

I still have so much to sort out, bless him he has sorted some stuff out like the catering and his own outfit. I still have to pick my dress, find a venue, make-up artist, flowers and find a wedding photographer in Devon. I’ve been looking online for various wedding photographers and would like to find someone who has experience in wedding photography that does not charge an extortionate fee, as our budget is really tight.

We have been saving for this wedding for more than two years now. We hope to spend under £10,000, as we can’t afford any more than that. The last year has been really tight as we have had to make so many cut backs and cancel our holiday plans to pay for this wedding, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I have been looking online at various wedding photographers in Devon so need to start making calls and getting quotes. I’d like pictures on a CD as well as the photographer making a book for us of our wedding. I think the book would be a lovely gift to my husband to be and really special way of remembering our wedding.