I am getting married in Glasgow this summer. We picked Glasgow for our wedding location as we love Scotland – it has a lot of happy memories for me. My dad was born there but he moved to England when he got married. I loved holidaying there and decided at an early age that when I get married it would be in Scotland.

All the plans are in full swing, I still have to find a wedding photographer in Glasgow, book the honeymoon, pay the church fees and so many other little things.

We have had a lot of help from friends and family with the wedding. My fiancé and I both come from large families so everyone likes to muck in when they can. I’m getting a little nervous, as I can’t seem to find a wedding photographer, most are fully booked or are just out of our price range. I’ve been researching online for wedding photographers in Glasgow and need to start making calls to find out availability and prices. It’s such a nightmare getting married, if I’d known it would be so stressful I think I would have said no! Lol 

If we can’t get a wedding photographer and filmmaker then we may have to change the dates of the wedding. There is no way I’m getting married and not having any pictures of my day to show to my family, friends and children one day. It would be a disaster if it came to this. I’m praying to god that we find someone soon.