My husband-to-be and I are getting married this year at our local registry office in Kent. We have both been married before so want a small wedding, nothing fancy this time round.

Most of the arrangements have been made, we just have to find a wedding photographer in Kent and we need to order the flowers as well as arrange catering facilities for the day. As we have a large house and garden we have decided to hold the reception in the garden with a marquee. We have only invited 50 of our closest friends and family.

My dad offered to take pictures on the day and I said I’m not that much of a cheap skate. I want a professional wedding photographer in Kent to take the pictures so I have happy memories of the day.

There are a few wedding photographers in Kent who are reputable and have been established for a number of years so just need to contact them and get prices. We really want nice food at the reception and we don’t mind paying a bit extra for something exquisite. My husband-to-be has organised champagne to be delivered from France, a close friend of his who is in the drinks business has agreed to supply the drinks at a very reasonable price. We have been very lucky that we have been able to keep our costs down due to our low budget, just hope we can find a cheap wedding photographer in Kent now.