My best friend is a wedding photographer in London. He studied photography at uni in London and has recently started working freelance. It’s such a creative and cool job, I wish I had studied something more interesting and creative. I studied history and it has got me nowhere since graduating.

I have been helping my friend out on the weekends with developing pictures and helping out at weddings as his assistant. London is a fantastic place and there are a lot of job opportunities in wedding photography. Being a freelancer means you are your own boss.  He is one of many wedding photographers in London, but he has a great portfolio of work and even had the opportunity to intern at some celebrity weddings so has some great experience and contacts in the industry.

He has just been asked to do a posh civil partnership in north London for entrepreneurs. I’m hoping I can help him out, I love going to weddings, it is always so much fun and you get to meet so many different people. I’m hoping to get into photography, I’d love to be a wedding photographer in London as the money is great and I’d like to be my own boss one-day. The only thing that puts me off is all the paper work that comes with being self-employed. Plus you have to be extremely organsied, motivated and confident, which I am not.