I moved to Manchester for university in 2004 and ended up staying here, as I loved it so much. It’s an amazing city and has some great bars and clubs.

I’ve been helping out a mate of mine who is getting married in Manchester, she grew up here and wants to get married in the same church as her parents. I said I would help out with the wedding planning. I’ve been looking for wedding photographers in Manchester and possibly a video company. She is really fussy and wants the best, someone who is accredited, and established with proper industry qualifications. I knew I would have my work cut out in finding someone decent and up to her high standards.   

I started by speaking with family and friends in Manchester, but no one I knew is married or has any experience of wedding photographers. It’s always best to get recommendations from family and friends. A friend of mine who did photography at uni said I should research online to find wedding photographers in Manchester.

I’ve been looking online at various wedding photographers, but there are so many. I’ve started making a list and will begin calling them on the weekend to get rates and to see if they are available in July 2011. I did not realise how stressful it would be trying to find a wedding photographer, sometimes I think, why did I volunteer to help out in the first place. What was I thinking? Lol