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Wedding photographers in the West Midlands

I’ve always dreamed of having a big white wedding since I was a little girl. Sometimes I can’t believe it’s coming true. I met Adam 5 years ago through a friend when I lived in Walsall. I fell in love and have known for a long time that I wanted to marry him.

He proposed last year when were on holiday in Benidorm. It was just perfect. I knew he was the one so I accepted. Ever since we have been organisng and planning our big day.  We plan to tie the knot in 2012 in the West Midlands, as we love it here. We plan to have a big wedding reception and have invited over 150 guests. We have so much still to arrange like my dress, bridesmaid dresses, catering and a wedding photographer in the West Midlands.

All the costs are mounting up, we have budgeted for £15,000 for the whole event including insurance and honeymoon.  I’m hoping we can find a reasonable caterer and wedding photographer  in the West Midlands area. The dress is going to cost me over £800 and I don’t even know where we are going on our honeymoon as Adam wants to keep it a secret for me. He knows I love Spain, especially Benidorm, Tenerife and Lanzarote. Lets hope he treats me to somewhere warm. I don’t want to go somewhere to exotic, I’m not a big fan of foreign food but I do love a good Korma.

Wedding photographers in Oxfordshire

Oxfordshire is a gorgeous English county I went their once on a day trip with my family and I loved it. It was really posh and quaint especially all the posh shops and the beautiful countryside.

I am getting married near there in the summer of this year and have been making plans.  I would like to find a wedding photographer in Oxfordshire ASAP so I can discuss my requirements. I’m having a Hollywood themed wedding so want all the glitz and glam that goes with it. I’ve never been to America but would love to have a celebrity style wedding. Our honeymoon has been booked and we are going to Las Vegas it looks amazing, I’m so excited about going.

I have started looking online for various wedding photographers in Oxfordshire and want to find someone who is accredited and has a lot of experience of weddings and as I want a Hollywood theme. I want someone who is really creative that can create striking and elegant pictures with that wow factor. I want to have pictures that I’m proud of and can show to our future kids and our family and friends.

We are on a real short budget so can’t afford to spend thousands on a photographer. I need someone who can work with us and give us a really good deal. I did not realise it would be so difficult to find a wedding photographer in Oxfordshire.

Wedding photographers in Norwich

My dad has been a wedding photographer in Norwich for over 30 years now. I recommended him to a friend of mine and she was really impressed with dads’ portfolio and hired dad for her big day.

There are loads of wedding photographers in Norwich, choosing a good wedding photographer might seem a simple task, but it should be done with thought and care. In my opinion you should first of all decide on the type of photography you want. Do you want traditional images like your parents and grandparents or something modern? Would you like your wedding pictures to be in colour, sepia or black & white?  Some photographers offer something called reportage photography, is this something you have considered?

You should always get quotes from a couple of photographers, I would say at least 3 or 4 so you have something to compare.  Always ask them to show you their own work and if possible try and meet them in their studio so you can see them at work. Some companies use freelancers and may employ a few photographers so always check whose work you are being shown.

I would also check to see if the photographer covers more than one wedding per day. A good photographer should only cover one wedding a day. Do you really want someone who is clockwatching? Has the company won any awards and check if they are registered with any professional organisations like BIPP (British Institute of Professional Photography). Plus book well in advance, a good wedding photographer will get booked up really fast.

Wedding photographers in Manchester

I moved to Manchester for university in 2004 and ended up staying here, as I loved it so much. It’s an amazing city and has some great bars and clubs.

I’ve been helping out a mate of mine who is getting married in Manchester, she grew up here and wants to get married in the same church as her parents. I said I would help out with the wedding planning. I’ve been looking for wedding photographers in Manchester and possibly a video company. She is really fussy and wants the best, someone who is accredited, and established with proper industry qualifications. I knew I would have my work cut out in finding someone decent and up to her high standards.   

I started by speaking with family and friends in Manchester, but no one I knew is married or has any experience of wedding photographers. It’s always best to get recommendations from family and friends. A friend of mine who did photography at uni said I should research online to find wedding photographers in Manchester.

I’ve been looking online at various wedding photographers, but there are so many. I’ve started making a list and will begin calling them on the weekend to get rates and to see if they are available in July 2011. I did not realise how stressful it would be trying to find a wedding photographer, sometimes I think, why did I volunteer to help out in the first place. What was I thinking? Lol

Wedding photographers in London

My best friend is a wedding photographer in London. He studied photography at uni in London and has recently started working freelance. It’s such a creative and cool job, I wish I had studied something more interesting and creative. I studied history and it has got me nowhere since graduating.

I have been helping my friend out on the weekends with developing pictures and helping out at weddings as his assistant. London is a fantastic place and there are a lot of job opportunities in wedding photography. Being a freelancer means you are your own boss.  He is one of many wedding photographers in London, but he has a great portfolio of work and even had the opportunity to intern at some celebrity weddings so has some great experience and contacts in the industry.

He has just been asked to do a posh civil partnership in north London for entrepreneurs. I’m hoping I can help him out, I love going to weddings, it is always so much fun and you get to meet so many different people. I’m hoping to get into photography, I’d love to be a wedding photographer in London as the money is great and I’d like to be my own boss one-day. The only thing that puts me off is all the paper work that comes with being self-employed. Plus you have to be extremely organsied, motivated and confident, which I am not.

Wedding photographers in Kent

My husband-to-be and I are getting married this year at our local registry office in Kent. We have both been married before so want a small wedding, nothing fancy this time round.

Most of the arrangements have been made, we just have to find a wedding photographer in Kent and we need to order the flowers as well as arrange catering facilities for the day. As we have a large house and garden we have decided to hold the reception in the garden with a marquee. We have only invited 50 of our closest friends and family.

My dad offered to take pictures on the day and I said I’m not that much of a cheap skate. I want a professional wedding photographer in Kent to take the pictures so I have happy memories of the day.

There are a few wedding photographers in Kent who are reputable and have been established for a number of years so just need to contact them and get prices. We really want nice food at the reception and we don’t mind paying a bit extra for something exquisite. My husband-to-be has organised champagne to be delivered from France, a close friend of his who is in the drinks business has agreed to supply the drinks at a very reasonable price. We have been very lucky that we have been able to keep our costs down due to our low budget, just hope we can find a cheap wedding photographer in Kent now.

Wedding Photographers in London

If you’re looking for a wedding photographer in London then you will be spoilt for choice. There are some fantastic and talented photographers in London. And they don’t just specialise in weddings. From portraits to parties, weddings to abstract, there will be a photographer in London that can help. But with regards to wedding photographers in London there are loads. They all offer fantastic service and competitive prices. You can go and talk to them about what you want and what kind of package you want to go for. They will then join you on your big day and capture every moment.

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Wedding photographers in Glasgow

I am getting married in Glasgow this summer. We picked Glasgow for our wedding location as we love Scotland – it has a lot of happy memories for me. My dad was born there but he moved to England when he got married. I loved holidaying there and decided at an early age that when I get married it would be in Scotland.

All the plans are in full swing, I still have to find a wedding photographer in Glasgow, book the honeymoon, pay the church fees and so many other little things.

We have had a lot of help from friends and family with the wedding. My fiancé and I both come from large families so everyone likes to muck in when they can. I’m getting a little nervous, as I can’t seem to find a wedding photographer, most are fully booked or are just out of our price range. I’ve been researching online for wedding photographers in Glasgow and need to start making calls to find out availability and prices. It’s such a nightmare getting married, if I’d known it would be so stressful I think I would have said no! Lol 

If we can’t get a wedding photographer and filmmaker then we may have to change the dates of the wedding. There is no way I’m getting married and not having any pictures of my day to show to my family, friends and children one day. It would be a disaster if it came to this. I’m praying to god that we find someone soon.

Wedding photographers in Essex

My mum has been a professional photographer for more than 20 years and that is where my passion for photography comes from. We both work together now as wedding photographers in Essex, but we cover most of England. We go where the job takes us basically.

I love weddings and can’t wait to get married one day myself. We have been booked up for a few weddings in Essex. We only ever do one wedding a day as it’s professional that way and we want the couple to feel special and not rushed in anyway.

Being a wedding photographer is a really demanding job, you have to be a good listener too. No wedding is the same, everyone has different ideas and tastes. Wedding photographers in Essex are in high demand; we are never short of work. We have also done a few civil partnerships – they were really fun. I’ve met some lovely people at weddings and a few drunks! The best wedding we did in Essex was this posh wedding in Colchester – wow it was amazing. I’ll never forget it, they definitely didn’t spare any expenses.  It was so lavish – ice sculptures, marquee, plenty of waiting staff and the bride and groom arrived by helicopter. It was a true fairytale wedding. I love making people smile and it gives me great job satisfaction as a wedding photographer knowing that I have made someone’s day really special and unique. It’s a fantastic job.

Wedding photographers in Devon

I am due to get married this year in the summer and have been organising and planning my big day. My fiancé is a tad lazy when it comes to things like this so it’s been left to me to arrange, plus he would make it into some bachelor party I’m sure!

I still have so much to sort out, bless him he has sorted some stuff out like the catering and his own outfit. I still have to pick my dress, find a venue, make-up artist, flowers and find a wedding photographer in Devon. I’ve been looking online for various wedding photographers and would like to find someone who has experience in wedding photography that does not charge an extortionate fee, as our budget is really tight.

We have been saving for this wedding for more than two years now. We hope to spend under £10,000, as we can’t afford any more than that. The last year has been really tight as we have had to make so many cut backs and cancel our holiday plans to pay for this wedding, but I know it will be worth it in the end.

I have been looking online at various wedding photographers in Devon so need to start making calls and getting quotes. I’d like pictures on a CD as well as the photographer making a book for us of our wedding. I think the book would be a lovely gift to my husband to be and really special way of remembering our wedding.